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MultiTexter is a database driven text messaging program.

The Program operate in two Roles:

  1. Device as a Gateway
  2. SMSC as a Gateway

SMSC is (Short Message Service Center) usually a commercial SMPP service provider.

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Device Gateway Window

(!WARNING: text messaging charges may apply!!! Be sure to use a device plan with unlimited text messaging)

To access the Device Connection window:

In the View Menu Click ( Switch to Device Role)

The Device Client Window opens.

Launch the Device Server by clicking the icon


The SMS Device Server window appears

To use a WIFI connection make sure WIFI is turned ON for the device.

If WIFI is turned on the Device Server will enable a WIFI connection and port by default.

OR   SMSC Gateway Service

About NetworkConnect

(SMSC- Simple Message Service Center)
In order to use Multitexter in SMSC Mode you must have an account with a SMS service provider (SMSC).
Multitexter uses SMPP ver 3.4 as a SMPP network client.

To connect to a SMSC in SMSC Mode:

1. Switch to SMSC Role.

2. Open the SMPP Connection Setting Wizard

Select Menu…Tools…SMPP Bind Connection Wizard

The SMPP Bind Connection Wizard dialog panel appears.
Fill in the parameters that are supplied by your service provider.



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